Active for the Energy Transition, Active for Solarization

The German Solar Association sees itself as a “tugboat”, a “pilot” and an “icebreaker” for an accelerated energy transition in Germany. By providing targeted policy advice, we exert a decisive influence on the creation and maintenance of suitable political framework conditions for the continuous growth of the solar energy market. In addition, the German Solar Association is committed to a positive industry and company image through regular media coverage and  campaigns. Further fields of activity that benefit our members are customer mediation and company collaborations, providing the latest industry information, professional help with legal questions, opening and developing export markets as well as the work on standardization topics.

In various specialist groups, the German Solar Association brings together experts from its membership on specific topics and moderates goal-oriented work on the most important fields of photovoltaics and solar thermal energy today and in the future.

Last but not least, our association supports its members in developing new business models, which increasingly do not require subsidies or open up new market segments in the context of the energy transition.