Storing the Sun, Mastering the Energy Transition

Solar power storage systems allow the generation and consumption of solar power to be decoupled in time. In addition, they can take over important functions at the level of the power grids. They are thus already developing into an important component of future energy supply.

Heat storage systems are the heart of every solar thermal system. They balance out fluctuations in heat generation and demand and ensure that there is always sufficient hot water and heat available for space heating. Depending on their size, they can store solar heat for several days or weeks.


With a solar power storage tank, households, commercial enterprises, and other solar power producers can use the cheap solar power independent of time and increase their own consumption. If the current power consumption is lower than the production of the photovoltaic system, the electricity does not flow into the public grid but into the solar power storage unit—and can be used when needed. This ensures the greatest possible independence.

Commercial users can use temporarily stored electricity to cut peak loads and thus reduce the price they have to pay to their electricity supplier. Many solar power storage units also have valuable additional functions such as an emergency power supply or an uninterruptible power supply.

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Market and Price Development

The market for solar power storage units has grown strongly in just a few years. In the summer of 2018, we counted 100,000 solar power storage units. You can find current figures in our media library .

Since 2013, we have been collecting prices for solar power storage tanks and other important market figures. For this purpose, the market research institute EuPD Research regularly interviews a fixed group of specialist companies that are active in the field of photovoltaics and storage.

If you are interested in the chargeable price index for solar power storage, please contact Dr. Andrea Liesen at yvrfra@ofj-fbyne.qr

Our Positions

Solar power storage systems can only develop their full potential if the basic conditions are right. Read our current position and background papers on the subject of solar power storage tanks here (in German):

Impulse Paper Electricity Storage Policy
Status: 11/2017 — In view of the new legislative period, this policy paper outlines ten elements of a necessary electricity storage strategy from the perspective of the industry.

Efficiency Guideline for PV Storage Systems
Status: 07/2019 — Together with the German Energy Storage Association (BVES), the German Solar Association has published the second and comprehensively updated edition of this standard work by industry experts on the efficiency and safety of PV storage systems in summer 2019. Our association’s expert group “Storage” was significantly involved in this work.